Here is a template of the formatting that you should imitate for your script as you work:

Script Format Template

Note: Only accessible using WCPSS account.

The NAME of your Google Doc for this project should be: Group #, Title of Story, Period #.

The Spokesperson should create the Google Doc and share it to each group member's WCPSS account, as well as mine:
There will only be ONE Google Doc per group in which you all work collaboratively.

It is highly recommended that you begin writing the story with the Narrator explaining the Exposition (the information that will set up your story). Also, you should try focusing on getting the story down first, then revising later to add the dialogue and language play/humor. However, if you come up with funny ideas as you are getting the story down, then by all means include them! This is just a suggestion for what might be a helpful way to begin working.

Rough Draft due by 4 PM on Monday, 9/26. Final Copy due Wednesday 9/28. Wednesday will be your "practice" day, so scripts will need to be finished by the start of class.

You should print enough copies so that each of your group members has one PLUS one for Mr. Romano.